About the trial of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip for rubbish collection payments

This trial is to test a new payment technology for council rubbish collections.

The trial is taking place in selected parts of the North Shore.

Search your address to find out if you are in the trial area.

How the RFID technology works

If you sign up for this trial you’ll pay via credit or debit card every time your bin is collected, instead of using a pre-paid tag.

An RFID chip attached to your bin will be scanned by the rubbish truck each time your bin is emptied.

When the chip is scanned, the credit or debit card linked to your online ‘pay as you throw’ trial account will be charged.

The cost of RFID collection service

The price is the same as rubbish tags and won’t change during the trial.

You will pay by credit card or debit card. Because this is a trial, we are keeping options simple, cost effective, and limited.

Just like with bin tags, you pay only when your rubbish is collected.

Sign up for RFID collection trial

You will need:

  • an email address
  • phone number
  • credit or debit card
  • your bin serial number (if you already have a council rubbish bin)

If you don’t have a council rubbish bin you can still sign up and we will deliver you a new bin with a chip.

How to sign up for RFID collection trial

Enter your address in the search bar on the home page and you’ll be taken to the sign-up screen.

What happens next

You’ll receive an email one or two business days after you’ve signed up online. If you haven’t received a confirmation email within two business days of signing up, check your spam or junk email folder, or get in [link] touch with us.

If you selected ‘I already have a council rubbish bin’, the email will let you know when to put your bin out on the kerbside so that we can attach the RFID chip. The bin needs to be on the kerbside as our contractors won’t enter your property or go up your driveway.

Once the chip is attached, you can stop putting prepaid bin tags on your rubbish bin on collection day.

Your bin will have stickers on it, which our team will put on once they have attached an RFID chip to your bin.

If you selected ‘I don’t have a council rubbish bin’ the email will confirm the delivery dates for your bin. Once you have received your bin you can start putting it out for collection on your rubbish collection day.

There is no need to use a council prepaid tag while the trial is running.

Select bin size

Here are some easy ways to check your bin size:


If your bin has a blue body, it’s most likely 140L.

If your bin is 80L you should be using a blue tag.

If your bin is 120L or 140L you should be using an orange tag.

If your bin is 240L you should be using a green tag.

Serial number

Almost all bins have a serial number on the side.

Some serial numbers start with letters.

If your serial number starts with:

  • WA - 80L
  • WB - 120L
  • WC - 240L


  • 5cm high and 45cm wide - 80L.
  • 87cm high and 48cm wide with a green body - 120L.
  • 87cm high and 53.5cm wide with a blue body - 140L.
  • 99cm high and 58cm wide - 240L.

How do I tell my bin size?

How to find your serial number

The serial number is stamped onto the side of your bin with white lettering:

Set up an account

If you have more than one email address you can create more than one account.

Each email address can only be used for one account.

More than one bin on your account

You can have more than one bin on your account. Once you have signed up select ‘Add Service’ on the profile page.

When you submit your request your default card will be charged for your first collection.

More than one property on your account

If you have more than one property in the trial area you can have more than one property on your account.

Once you’ve signed up select ‘Add Property’ on the profile page.

When you submit your request your default card will be charged for your first collection.

More than one credit/debit card on your account

You can add more than one credit or debit card, but one card will be your default card which the system will charge first whenever one of your registered bins is emptied.

Adding an extra card is useful because if the payment is not successful on your default card the system will attempt your second or third cards.

If payment fails on your default card, we will try the same card again. If the second attempt fails, we try any other cards you have registered to your account.

If all payments fail our drivers will be issued with a ‘do not collect’ instruction from your next collection day.

We will contact you to arrange payment.

When you add an extra card, we will process a $0.01 transaction to authorise the card. This charge will be automatically reversed within a few working days.

If you no longer want to take part in the trial

If the trial doesn’t suit you, you can disable your account at any time. It will take one to two business days for your account to be closed and payments disabled. Use the ‘Close Account’ link on your profile page.

You will receive an email confirming once your account has been closed.

If you continue to use your council rubbish bin, you will need to attach a prepaid bin tag.

If you still have money on your account when the trial closes, we will contact you to discuss your options.

Damaged bins

If your bin is damaged, contact us so we can arrange a time to fix or replace your bin.

Missing bins

If your bin goes missing, let us know as soon as you notice. [link]Contact us so we can remove the bin from your account.

We’ll be in touch to arrange a replacement.

Missed collections

Our trucks collect between 7am and 7pm.

If you put your bin out on time and it wasn’t collected, call us on 09 301 0101 to arrange for your bin to be emptied.

Your card will be charged only if your bin has been emptied.

When the trial finishes

If you’ve participated in the trial, we’d love your feedback on how it went. You will receive an email with a survey.

We hope this trial goes well and that we get positive feedback from residents. If the trial is successful, we’ll need to do further work to:

  • improve the technology based on the feedback we receive
  • add alternative payment methods
  • ensure the total cost of the service can be met without increasing the cost to residents.

If the trial is unsuccessful then we’ll continue to investigate ways to improve the rubbish collection service.

After 30 July 2021 your account will no longer be active, and your card will no longer be charged when your bin is emptied. This means you will need to start attaching a prepaid bin tag to your rubbish bin to pay for your collections.

Because you paid in advance during the trial, we will refund any money still left on your account.

Fill out the form below for help with your online pay as you throw service. If your question is about other council waste services, visit the Auckland Council website

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